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Our Vision

We want Educare to provide a safe, balanced and nurturing education that enables children to develop their potential as individuals in their own right.


We want Educare children to have the confidence, skills, love of learning and creativity to become influential citizens who make a positive contribution to tomorrow's society. 


We support your children in developing self confidence, self belief, independence, respectfulness, creativity, individuality, compassion, curiosity, determination and enthusiasm to underpin a life long love of learning,. 


What do we believe in?


Teachers, parents and children need to work together.

Balanced development:

Children need to develop intellectually, but also physically and emotionally.

Child-centred education:

School should fit the child, not the other way around.

Why are we called Educare?

The word is derived from Latin, meaning to draw forth and to nourish.

In English, the word educare combines ‘education’ and ‘care’, as we aim to do in our practice.

Educare is a non-profit-making educational community offering a balance of child-centred education and care in a safe environment that children and parents know and trust.

Click below to listen to our founder Elizabeth Steinthal talk about her vision for the school.



When I found Educare, I was looking for a school that would see my child for the individual he is and to help us give him a great educational experience. We found exactly that and more at Educare. From the very start, I felt the staff has treated us (parents) as part of the team to teach our children. Best of all, my children are learning to love learning and have the self confidence to face whatever educational challenges come their way.


We would be delighted to have you and your child come and visit us.

Please book a tour so you can witness the nurturing learning environment of Educare Small School first-hand.

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