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Fee Schedule 

September 2023 - 2024


As an independent charity, our only funding comes from the fees we charge.

We do our very best to keep these at a reasonable level, so that our school can be accessed by as many young people as possible. 


Fees for the year throughout the school are £7680.

Fees are spread over 12 months with a Standing Order of £640.

Educare is a provider for the 15 hours universal funding, and for the 30 hours extended funding, but this funding only covers some of our charges and 

additional fees will be applied.


​Part-time places are also available for children in the Kindergarten.

Part time fees per month


  • 1 session per week £64

  • 2 sessions  £128

  • 3 sessions  £192

  • 4 sessions  £256

  • 5 sessions  £320

  • 6 sessions  £384

  • 7 sessions  £448

  • 8 sessions  £512

  • 9 sessions  £576

Extra sessions are charged at £32 per session.


A registration deposit of £500 is required to reserve a place, 

refundable provided the place is taken up.

The first Direct Debit payment to include the fee deposit of £350.

Notice Period


A written notice period of one term is required for all leavers:

  • ​Notice for the Spring Term to be received no later than the first week of the Autumn Term.

  • Notice for the Summer Term to be received no later than the first week of the Spring Term.

  • Notice for the Autumn Term to be received no later than half term, but preferably in the first week of the Summer Term.

Before and After School Club

Our after school club is currently available on Wednesdays only. 

The club needs three or more children to become feasible. If the need for this facility becomes greater we can adjust the days that are available but we may have to close the club at the end of this half term (Autumn term 2023) if the uptake is low.


Before school care charges are:

  • ​£10​ for a full session (8 am to 9am) 

  • ​£5 for a part session (8.30am to 9.00pm)​


​After school care charges are:

  • £30 for a full session (3.30pm to 6.00pm)

  • £18 (3.30pm to 5.00pm) 

  • £12 (3.30pm to 4.30pm) 

Click here for Educare's financial background 

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