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Special Educational Needs Information

​​​SEND Co-ordinator - Jessica Oxford 

Contact: 02085470144

How we make provision for children with additional needs:

At Educare Small School, we pride ourselves on our small, nurturing environment. We recognise that all children are unique and that their differences must be acknowledged without prejudice. We endeavour to put this into practice every day.

Our approach to teaching children with SEN:

We are an independent primary school. We welcome all children whose special needs are within our range of specialist skills and facilities; and who can effectively access the curriculum without unduly prejudicing the education and welfare of other children.


Many children with additional needs thrive in our small, nurturing environment with the additional support we are able to offer to all children because of our small group numbers and individualised approach to teaching and learning (please follow the link below to our SEN Information Report for more details).

However, we are not a specialist SEN school and some needs will be beyond our capacity.

For our SEN  Information report - Please Click here.

AfC Local Offer - Please click here - This contains information about service and support for children in Kingston and Richmond with SEND.

If we have told you that we are providing additional support for your child in school, we would encourage you to register your child for the SEND Register via this link.

You will have access to information, support, activities and events that may be of interest to you and your child.


Parent/Carer forums are available in both Kingston and Richmond. Local send parents share experiences and make sure their needs are heard and understood by local services.


Useful Links

SENDIASS - Advice and support across a wide range of subjects including benefits, personal budget, how to use the local offer, sign posting other services.

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