Creative Arts

At Educare Small School, we want our children to 

  • Experience a balanced curriculum that allows them to develop creatively and academically.

  • Experience the Arts as a journey which inspires and excites.

  • Develop the skills and knowledge necessary to develop as creative people. 

We consider the Creative Arts (art, music, drama and dance) to be as important as all other subjects in our curriculum, contributing to the good mental health, well-being and self-expression of our children.



At Educare we have weekly music lessons with the fantastic Myrto.

In addition, we can offer your children priority access to the Music Kindergarten at Colourstrings Music School (which can lead to learning an instrument when your child is ready). Together we share many of the same values, including a belief in the potential of each and every child, and a recognition of the importance of moving at the child’s individual pace. 

Colourstrings Music School has its home in Kingston University, and offers lessons on Saturdays. You can learn more about Colourstrings at: They would be happy to hear from any Educare pupils up to the summer before the start of Year 1 and they would receive  priority on the waiting list.


To join the waiting list, please complete the form via this link and mention Educare:


Forest School

Forest School provides children with the opportunity to play and learn in an outdoor setting.  It caters to a range of learning styles and is a flexible and adaptable approach to learning where children learn the important skills of independence, self-esteem, teamwork and problem solving.  


At Forest School the children are given the freedom to explore using all of their senses.  It is a natural, safe environment where they can assess risk and engage in cross-curricular, educational activities.

All Educare children attend Forest School through Tree House Learning.  The Hall Children go every Tuesday morning and then Kindergarten on a Tuesday afternoon.

02 Girls with leaves.JPG

Field Trips

Kindergarten Trips

It is crucial for Kindergarten children to experience the wider world. Across the school year, we have a number of field trips to support learning when doing the topic work. 


Recently, the Kindergarten have been to: Kingston Fire Station, Sainsburys, Bocketts Farm, Isabella Plantation, Garsons Farm, Allotment (Parkfield), Kingston Museum and Local Parks.   


Hall Trips

For the Hall children, visits give access to further resources and learning around topics, such as through exhibitions. Actual experience is the easiest and quickest way for children to gain knowledge. Travel from Kingston station and small groups make such trips easy for us. 


The Hall children have recently been to: Polka Theatre, Unicorn Theatre, Rose Theatre, Natural History Museum, Royal Albert Hall, Victoria & Albert Museum, Science Museum, Houses of Parliament, Kingston Library and Museum, a Buddhist Temple, the Bentalls Centre and St Luke's Church. 

Events and Celebrations

Events and celebrations create a shared memory, give a structure to the year and mark a step to another level. In their different ways they all give a feeling of enjoyment and an energy which comes from the involvement of the children and the way they are received and supported by parents and other adults. The whole Educare community, children, staff, parents, families and friends come together for some of these events. 


Oasis week, music concerts and the Christmas show all celebrate children's creativity and talents through music, drama, art, dance and story. The Summer Picnic in Richmond Park brings us all together to finish off the school year.


Annual Events for the family include the Christmas Fair, Ham Fair and the Summer Picnic.


Additionally during the school year we come together to celebrate The School Birthday in February, our Fun Runs, Harvest Circle, ​Birthday Circles and Farewell Circles.