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The Ready List
Our application of the Alexander Technique

The Alexander Technique is integrated into every school day in the form of The Ready List and the classroom layout has been specifically chosen to support this. 

An Alexander Technique teacher is in school for one whole day a week working with groups, individual children, and teachers but The Ready List is part of every school day and supported by all school staff. 

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Movement Circle

We start every morning with Movement Circle. The children and teachers come together to practice a series of slow continuous exercises based on some of the principles of Alexander Technique, Tai Chi and Energy balancing. These help the children to become focused, improving co-ordination and preparing everyone for the day's activities.

See our Movement Circle in action >

Quiet Time

After lunch every day the whole school lies down for Quiet Time. We are all still and silent, either listening to music or doing a simple meditation. This gives the children an important pause after playtime to focus and reenergise for the afternoon's activities. When our Alexander Teacher is at school she works on the children at this time with the help of two or three of the older children.

To see our Quiet Time in action - Please Click Here.


Food and Water

We strongly promote our healthy food and water policy because evidence shows that nutrition affects children’s learning and growth. Our concern is always with holistic and balanced development. At Educare, we want children to be able to make their own choices about what they eat and drink with an understanding of which choices are the best for them and why. Parents can access advice on health, nutrition and parenting if they request it; we can put you in touch with complementary therapists whom we know and respect.



Each child keeps a named water bottle at school and is encouraged to drink frequently through the day. Any additional drinks apart from water are natural juices and not sweetened drinks.



We have the following expectations for children's lunches and we ask parents and children to support this:

  • A reasonable amount of food.

  • A balanced lunch meal including fruit and vegetables.

  • A mid-morning or afternoon snack consisting only of fruit or vegetable

  • As far as possible, avoidance of processed food, additives, hidden sugars, fats and especially artificial sweeteners.

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