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Child-Centred Education

School should fit the child, not the other way around

This is at the heart of everything we do.

See ‘Why choose us?’ to explore how we support the following:

Personalised Learning

At Educare, children are used to moving on gradually, at their own pace, according to readiness, not what month or year they were born. Children learn at levels which match their development and we recognise that each child develops in a unique way. 


Sometimes they work in mixed-age groups in which the teaching and learning outcome is different for each child. This means that they are all learning about the same subject, but there are different expectations for what each child will learn.


Small Groups

Young children learn best when they feel valued, happy and secure. We believe that they will go on to reach their full potential if they are allowed to express themselves in a safe and supportive environment.


Large groups are the norm in education, for reasons of cost and efficiency, but these are not necessarily suited to your child. 


Small groups allow everyone to identify themselves as a valued and secure member of the group, ensure a close supportive relationship with teachers and support staff in which children feel confident and motivated to learn and progress.


Children learn most easily and willingly when they are actively involved and interested. Our children are encouraged to learn through meaningful, relevant experiences that require them to talk, listen, think, explore, experiment, observe and discover.


We are reflective practitioners: we regularly review our approaches to provide a range of rich learning experiences which will motivate and extend their interests.


"As parents of an August born boy we were keen that he should not to be thrust into full time, mainstream education at the age of 4 and found the Educare approach to be a more holistic and organic one; children are able to attend part time and begin their transition from Kindergarten to the Hall not when their birth date dictates it, but when it is developmentally appropriate. Within a couple of weeks our child was known by name by every adult in the school and this adds to the feeling of security, of it being a school family, rather than simply a vast place where education is something that is being 'done to' children.  We are confident that Educare is providing a great start to our son's schooling and that it holds fast to the important aspects of primary education."  - Claire

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