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Teachers, parents and children need to work together

The old proverb 'it takes a community to raise a child' still holds true.

Involving parents in school activities -The children know that all the adults around them are working together in their interests, in a strong supportive community.


Nurturing relationships - We allow time to help children to understand their own feelings and to manage relationships with each other. 


Fostering an early understanding of moral issues and social responsibilities - We encourage our children to think and act for themselves, and as part of the Educare community. Children work and play in groups which cross age, sex and ability barriers, as they will in adult life.

Getting involved in local community events - We are always on the lookout for ways to engage with our local community. Some of our regular events include: a stall at Ham Fair every year; regular visits to Canbury Community Garden;  trips to the Kingston Library and our annual Christmas Fair.

Enjoying joint activities in groups of various sizes- We assemble as a whole group frequently, (such as for Monday Circle, Friday circle, lunchtimes, playtimes, birthdays, farewell circles) and work together to care for each other and value our strengths.


To see my kids self confidence and self esteem grow is in itself representative of Educare getting the accolades they deserve. My kids transitioned to senior school with not only an intuitive and creative learning under their belt but for me what stood out are the life skills that were fostered. They learnt how to interact, respect self and others, when to speak up and when to listen; this was reflected consistently in the Educare environment. I have no doubt this is an essential underpinning and foundation for all children so that they can go on to make the right choices for themselves as they grow into this ever changing world - Shula

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