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Why choose us?

As a small school, Educare provides a secure learning environment for children, helping them to develop as individuals and respecting their differences, enabling them to transition through their future with ease and confidence.

Helping your child reach
their potential.

With over 26 years' experience, we strive to provide a safe and nurturing environment that enables children to reach their full potential.


We equip them with the confidence, skills, and creativity to become influential citizens and make a positive impact on society. We also promote values such as self-confidence, respect, compassion, curiosity, and enthusiasm for lifelong learning.

We moved our son from mainstream education to Educare in Year 2 just before the pandemic. All the stress that we had experienced with his former primary school dissipated. We liked Educares approach to the curriculum.Children get to really immerse themselves into a subject area. Communication with the school is easy and there is a wonderful community of teachers, children, parents and carers.

As a Small School Everyone Feels Safe and Included


Educare is a primary school that focuses on providing a nurturing environment for children

between the ages of 3 – 11 years old. The mix of children of different ages promotes caring

and an environment of learning from one another.


The term small in our school name holds significant importance as it offers unique advantages to our students.


Our child-centred learning approach is delivered through small class sizes, promoting safety and balance in our students’ learning journey. It enables individualised attention for each student, promoting an appreciation of their differences and a non-judgmental attitude.


Our diverse community consists of different socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds and fosters a sense of community and respect.


At Educare Small School, we believe in providing a balanced and engaging learning experience for our students.

Safe Community


We involve parents in school activities to create a strong supportive community, nurture relationships, foster an early understanding of moral issues and social responsibilities, engage with the local community, and enjoy joint activities in groups of various sizes.


Events such as Ham Fair, Canbury Community Garden, Kingston Library visits, and the annual Christmas Fair are regularly attended.


Balanced Curriculum 


At Educare Small School, we provide a balanced curriculum to develop creative and academic skills through Creative Arts, Music, Forest School, Field trips and events.

Our aim is to inspire our children to be creative and excited about their learning journey.

Nurturing Education


Child-centred education is at the heart of everything we do. We move on gradually, according to each child's readiness.


We recognise each child develops uniquely and learns best through meaningful activities that require talking, listening, thinking, exploring, experimenting and observing.

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Balanced Development


We help children develop holistically with activities to support their physical, emotional and intellectual growth. Our curriculum covers the National Curriculum with English, maths, sciences, humanities, creative arts and IT.


Our difference is our flexible, creative approach and personalised ethos.


Alexander Technique


Educare is a pioneering school that has adapted the principles of the Alexander Technique and simplified it into The Ready List (TRL). It is seamlessly integrated into the school day for all pupils and teachers.


We are committed to a child-centred approach that understands the need for movement during the day, the importance of a dynamic classroom, and the relationship between the ability to learn, well-being, and feeling safe.

Important Practices


We use practices such as The Ready List and Movement Circle to bring together movement, learning and wellbeing. These exercises are based on the principles of Alexander Technique, Tai Chi and Energy balancing.


After lunch, we lay down for Quiet Time with music or simple meditation, helping to focus and re-energise for the afternoon. We also promote a healthy food and water policy to support your child's learning and growth.


Our Building and Groups


Our school building is well equipped for up to 48 children, with two main rooms and groups - Starfish in the classroom (7 - 11 year olds) and Kindergarten, Butterflies and Dolphins in the hall (3 - 6  year olds).


Connecting these is a library and an ICT area.

Forest School


Forest School is a weekly half-day session out in the woods, in all weathers and in all seasons, with a child-led learning process that encourages play, exploration and supported risk taking.


It helps participants become healthy, resilient, creative and independent learners, as well as developing key skills for life - socially, emotionally, spiritually, physically and intellectually.

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A Typical Day At Educare

Every day at Educare is different, but we always start the day with a Movement Circle as a whole school and then move to our groups for focus time. A morning break of fifteen minutes if followed by more activities and fun! After an hour for lunch and play we do Quiet Time before we start the afternoon with a 15 minute break. Forest School and PE take place off site with specialist teachers. The school is open at 9am and finishes at 3.30pm.

Where next?

Spending their primary years at Educare does have a special and particular impact on the children. They are grounded, secure, able to make themselves heard whilst respecting the views of others and their differences. They have the tools to develop as individuals within the context of the community they are in. Past experience has shown that they make the transition to their next school with ease and confidence.


In the past three academic years, the work of all children moving on to secondary education met or exceeded Year 6 age-related expectations. Educare Small School pupils have gained places at the following secondary schools:

Teddington School
Hinchley Wood School
Coombe Girls' School
Grey Court School
Coombe Boys' School
Tolworth Girls' School
The Kingston Academy
Waldegrave School

Hollyfield School

Esher High School


Hall School Wimbledon
The St Michael Steiner School
Canbury School
Box Hill School
Fairley House

Book a Visit
We would be delighted to have you and your child come and see us.


Please book a tour so you can witness the nurturing learning

environment of Educare Small School first-hand.

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