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Welcome to
Educare Small School

We hope you enjoy walking through our website. This is a small glimpse of what Educare is really like. The children have helped with the words, the drawings and some of the music. There are lots of schools in London, but few like Educare Small School.

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“The school’s caring and nurturing atmosphere helps pupils to feel safe. Staff encourage pupils to speak up. Pupils trust adults in the school to help them with any difficulties.”

“Pupils achieve well in a range of subjects. They develop secure skills and knowledge in all the required areas of study. Through the school’s values, staff encourage pupils to work hard and keep trying, even when they find tasks difficult.”

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Teachers, parents and children
all work together
Children need to develop intellectually, but also physically and emotionally
School should fit the child, not the other way around

"When I found Educare, I was looking for a school that would see my child for the individual he is and to help us give him a great educational experience. We found exactly that and more at Educare."


"From the very start, I felt the staff has treated us (parents) as part of the team to teach our children. Best of all, my children are learning to love learning and have the self confidence to face whatever educational challenges come their way."


- Karen 

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25 Years

A message from our founder, Elizabeth Steinthal

What a success! After starting Educare Small School in February 1997 with three pupils, we have reached 2022 and 25 years with 40 children and 14 full and part time staff. But it's not about size, our strong values and beliefs remain at the core of everything we do. The principles and practices we have had in place since our early days are only just being brought into many schools today.

We must be doing something right!.

Over 500 children have passed through our school in those 25 years and blossomed through our different approach to teaching and learning. Many of them keep in touch and let us know the exciting and impressive steps they are taking on their life journeys.

Could it be that we are a school model for the future?

Life After Educare

Spending their primary years at Educare does have a special and particular impact on the children. They are grounded, secure, able to make themselves heard whilst respecting the views of others and their differences. They have the tools to develop as individuals within the context of the community they are in. Past experience has shown that they make the transition to their next school with ease and confidence.


In the past three academic years, the work of all children moving on to secondary education met or exceeded Year 6 age-related expectations. Educare Small School pupils have gained places at the following secondary schools:

Teddington School
Hinchley Wood School
Coombe Girls' School
Grey Court School
Coombe Boys' School
Tolworth Girls' School
The Kingston Academy
Waldegrave School

Hollyfield School

Hall School Wimbledon
The St Michael Steiner School
Canbury School
Box Hill School
Fairley House