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Jessica Oxford

Jessica Oxford

Senior Teacher, EYFS Leader, SENCO, Kindergarten Teacher

My name is Jessica Oxford and I am the teacher in Kindergarten
as well as Early Years Leader. I have worked at Educare for just
over three years. However, I have been part of the Educare
Community for over twenty years as all three of my children attended Educare.
While my children were pupils at Educare, I became interested in education and how children learn and develop so I decided to become a mature student and study a degree in Education and Childhood and Society at Roehampton University. Here, I discovered how much I enjoyed researching - so much so that I managed to get an award for the top first class degree in the social science department! I went on to do a PGCE at Kingston University finishing with a distinction.
I love working at Educare and believe wholeheartedly in its ethos as it is a place where a child feels safe and secure allowing them to learn and develop at their own pace. They are treated as individuals and encouraged to be independent, creative thinkers with a growth mindset.

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