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Elizabeth Steinthal

Elizabeth Steinthal

Principal and Chair of Trustees, Literacy support, Art

I am Elizabeth Steinthal B. Ed, M.A. Professional Development
I am the Head Teacher and founder of Educare Small School. My 40+ years of teaching experience in London and Spain led me to two central beliefs about education; firstly, that school should be a happy, enjoyable and useful time and, secondly, that most causes of children’s failure at school lie within the inflexibility of school systems, teachers and parents, not within the child.
In 1997 I opened Educare Small School and put in place a philosophy and a curriculum that truly reflected my beliefs and values about education. At about the same time I joined with Sue Merry to make the Alexander Technique a key part of the curriculum at Educare Small School. When we started we were a staff of three covering everything, but for me it was the fulfilment of a long held vision.
I have three children and eight grandchildren, two attend Educare. My husband Peter managed the financial side of Educare until 2017 and without him the school would not have survived. Peter and I own the freehold of the school building which we allow Educare to use free of charge, my son is now a trustee and my two daughters acknowledge and support their responsibility to keep the model of Educare sustainable into the future.

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