In the Community

Events and Celebrations

Events and celebrations create a shared memory, give a structure to the year and mark a step to another level. In their different ways they all give a feeling of enjoyment and an energy which comes from the involvement of the children and the way they are received and supported by parents and other adults.

The whole Educare community, children, staff, parents, families and friends come together for many of these events.

Annual Event for the family
The Christmas Fayre
Ham Fair
Oasis Day

Additionally during the school year
The School Birthday in February
Fun Runs
The Summer Music Concert
The Christmas Play
Harvest Circle
Richmond Park Summer Picnic
Birthday Circles
Farewell Circles

Oasis Day, the music concert, the Christmas show all celebrate children's creativity and talents through music, drama, art, dance and story. The Summer Picnic in Richmond Park brings us all together to finish off the school year.

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