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"I am so welcome as a parent at Educare Kindergarten.  Having had 2 children in mainstream state schools, it has been such a joy and a relief for my presence in the classroom to be encouraged and my views on my child to be welcome and truly heard.  Every school talks about parent-school partnership.  Educare actually partners, with open ears and heart.  Thank you!" - Kate

"My daughter went to Educare when she was 8 having struggled socially and academically at her local junior school.  I remember the first day she came out and held my hand - I knew I had my daughter back!" - Natasha

"As parents of an August born boy we were keen that he should not to be thrust into full time, mainstream education at the age of 4 and found the Educare approach to be a more holistic and organic one; children are able to attend part time and begin their transition from Kindergarten to the Hall not when their birth date dictates it, but when it is developmentally appropriate. Within a couple of weeks our child was known by name by every adult in the school and this adds to the feeling of security, of it being a school family, rather than simply a vast place where education is something that is being 'done to' children.  We are confident that Educare is providing a great start to our son's schooling and that it holds fast to the important aspects of primary education."  - Claire

"I was once asked after an event involving several other schools why I thought the children were so confident at speaking in public. My instinctive answer was 'because they are used to being listened to'. It's really friendly and the teachers are always ready to talk if you need to. The parents help each other out a lot. I think the smallness really encourages people to talk to each other"  
- Jo

"Well done for your vision and commitment to running Educare Small School! It's been a very postive experience for Emma and me and we wish you every success in continuing the work and may your vision spread widely so that one day all children will be able to have the choice to go to such a great school!"
- Vera and Emma

"Just to let you know we have just had Ollies report from St Johns after his first term there - and it's EXCELLENT! I'm relieved and excited that his transition to another school after seven years at Educare has gone so well. It is a testament to Educare that this can happen as the comments about his attitude to others were great and his general level of achievement good... so, thanks for everything - it's paying off"
- Janie

"We were looking for an alternative school to the state schools available, initially because I felt that Max had difficutly concentrating and focusing, and I worried about his development in the state school class size.... In Educare Small School we found much more than we ever knew existed at the time, and as a result kept Max at the school on into his primary education. Tai Chi hepled him to develop his concentration... Movement Circle unites the whole school... The Alexander Technique has made him interested in how his body functions, assisted him to overcome frustration and helped him to develop techniques when using his body for different activities. He really enjoyed Wednesdays with Sue, and fun phrases she initiated for body awareness are still in his vocabulary. I believe that Max has personal motivation and confidence now that has resulted in his trouble free adjustment to the state system... Socially he was unperturbed by the move and quickly became known within his class."
- Robin (on Max 1997-2002)

"I fell in love with the school and in particular the kindergarten on my first visit. I believe it is probably close to the most perfect way of teaching children, allowing them to develop at their own pace whilst keeping a very close eye on them. The main feature of the school for us is the holistic approach to each child's development and I know how happy our two children are as a result.
- Rhian

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