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Educare Small School is equipped for up to fifty children.  The building consists of two main rooms, the Kindergarten for preschool children aged 3-5 and the Hall for the 5-11 year olds. These main teaching rooms are connected by the library and the ICT area.

The Kindergarten is equipped for up to sixteen children during any one session, staffed by a full time teacher and teaching assistant. The hours are flexible so that children can integrate into the school at their own pace. Children sometimes begin with two or three sessions (either mornings or full days) and build up gradually until they are ready to do full time. Others attend full time from early on, depending on their readiness and family circumstances.

At around the age of five, children begin the transition through to the Hall, where the 5-11 years olds are taught. Children moving from the Kindergarten will work in the Hall in the morning and then return to the Kindergarten in the afternoon so that the transition is smooth and tailored to their development.

The Hall is a large room with several tables around which different groups can work. At the beginning of each day the children all assemble (joined by the Kindergarten occasionally) for movement circle, and will then split into their working groups.

The Hall children are broadly divided into three main teaching groups:

  • The Kinderflies - those children making the transition from Kindergarten and establishing themselves in the Hall.

  • The Butterflies & The Dolphins - children aged between 5/6 - 7/8

  • The Starfish - children aged between 7/8 - 11

Starfish are subdivided into smaller groups according to need.

The decision on when to move a child from one group to another is based on their individual readiness, both emotionally and educationally.  

Based on opposite sides of the hall, the children work on separate activities within the same environment.  The arrangement works very successfully, with children and staff concentrating on their own topics and allowing others to do the same.

"One of the most important factors when I chose my daughter's school was how balanced the timetable was.  I chose Educare because without compromising academic standards, the school manages to incorporate Forest School and lots of art and music.  My daughter is thriving in this environment.  She reads fluently, is good at maths and our house is full of her art work - just how it should be when you are 6!" - Stephanie  

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