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Life After Educare

We believe that spending their primary years at Educare does have a special and particular impact on the children.

They are grounded, secure, able to make themselves heard whilst respecting the views of others and their differences. They have the tools to develop as individuals within the context of the community they are in. Past experience has shown that they make transition to their next school with ease and confidence.

Educare Small School pupils have gained places at the following secondary schools in the past:

Local Comprehensives:

Teddington School                                                                                    
Hinchley Wood                                                                                    
Coombe Girls

Grey Court

Coombe Boys

Tolworth Girls

Kingston Academy

Independent:                                                                                                  Ibstock Place                                                                                 

The Hall at Putney                                                                                     
Steiner Waldorf

Canbury School                                                                                   
Inspirational Box Hill School

In the school year, 2016-2017, we had one pupil transition to a local, maintained school. In the past three academic years, of the 9 pupils who transitioned, three achieved above Year 6 age related expectations and three were at Year 6 age related expectations. 

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