The curriculum at Educare is everything that goes on in the school day, from the way that we communicate with each other, to the use of the Alexander Technique, to Maths in the morning or to the importance of drinking water. It nurtures the whole child, their whole brain and their whole body - it is a true balance of intellectual, physical, emotional and spiritual activities.

We ensure that children learn communication skills in language, mathematics, science, creative arts and information technology, and how to deal with people and problems individually and as part of a group. We introduce our children to the principles of the Alexander Technique, meditation, and the importance of physical and emotional well being.

It is like a set of scales, on one side there is everything you will find in any school curriculum summed up in the National Curriculum and on the other, everything that makes Educare different - Alexander work, meditation, the importance of emotional health and spiritual development.

Educare has four main curriculum aims. They respond to the all round development of the child and, therefore, are not in any order of priority:

  • To help our children indentify themselves as valued members of a secure group from which they can grow into confident, aspiring young people.

  • To foster the spiritual and moral growth of our children as individuals and as part of a wider community.

  • To develop our children as independent learners with an enthusiasm for learning who are able to organise their own learning effectively, make choices, and interact within a stimulating and creative environment.

  • To encourage each of our children to achieve an appropriate level of communication through language, mathematics, science, creative arts and information technology.

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